Blackflag Roach Motel 61009 (12x2 Pack Total of 24 Small Boxes)
Blackflag Roach Motel 61009 (12x2 Pack Total of 24 Small Boxes)

Blackflag Roach Motel 61009 (12x2 Pack Total of 24 Small Boxes)

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Brand: Blackflag


  • ROACH TRAP: Roach Motel has proven fruitful in eliminating roach infestation due to its effective design
  • ROACH TRAP DESIGN: It attracts cockroaches by making them feel like they are crawling into a hole
  • NON-TOXIC ROACH TRAP: Roach Motel uses glue to trap roaches instead of Pesticides
  • SAFE TO USE AROUND CHILD: Sticky roach traps free of anything which can be harmful for children
  • ROACH TRAPS INDOOR: Roach Motel is effective against waterbugs, palmetto bugs, spiders and scorpions

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Part Number: FBA_61009

Details: ◉ What is a Roach Motel? To eradicate the roach infestation you can let those roaches go to this motel to never come back. All you have to do is put these Roach Motels in your home where you see the roaches and let it work. ◉ How Roach Motel works? Because of its design, roaches will crawl inside this Roach Motel and will stick to its sticky traps. It will keep them from getting out of it alive ever. When it gets full of roaches you can replace it another Roaches motel. ◉ Pesticides Free: Roach Motel cockroach trap eliminate the roaches by glue inside the motel and does not uses any of the pesticides. You can use this inside kitchen without worrying about anything. ◉ Safe To Use Around Children: Roach Motel is proven to be effective as a roach killer indoor and it is totally safe to use around Children because it does not have anything which can be harmful for kids. ◉ Effectiveness: Roach Motel is an extremely effective cockroach trap but its effectiveness does not stop here, it has been equally effective for water bugs, palmetto bugs, spiders and scorpions. Just put it near walls or corners and there will get the job done.

EAN: 0891549000091

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 12.2 x 5.9 inches